These boys are a son and father pair. Nemo is just over a year and Marlin is closer to 2 yrs of age. They are BIG boys and will need lots of space. They are social and friendly. Nemo will need extra grooming for his long coat.
  2. Kaluah and Squeakerbell
    Kaluah and Squeakerbell
    These adorable girls are just under a year of age and are sisters. They are timid but easy to handle. They need someone who can give them love and attention to gain confidence.
  3. Sheldon And Leonard
    Sheldon And Leonard
    Male guinea pigs, 2 yrs old. Super friendly. Easy going. Sheldon lets you pet him on the head. They need lots of space though, look at our adoption policies.
  4. Huck and Finn Ready on May 24th
    Huck and Finn Ready on May 24th
    Father and son duo, Huck is only 5 months himself and Finn is 3 weeks. A little timid but socialization will help. Need a large cage!