1. Huck and Finn
    Huck and Finn
    These boys are a father and son duo! Both boys are young and under 7 months of age.
  2. Nemo and Marlin
    Nemo and Marlin
    Another son and father duo! These boys are super cute and are both otter black. They are very friendly and social. Age about 1 1/2 and 2 yrs
  3. Kaluah and Squeakerbelle
    Kaluah and Squeakerbelle
    Very sweet girls who love to run and popcorn! They are a bit timid but good with being held.
    These young brothers were found as strays! They are super cute and Wally has gorgeous blue eyes! They would love a nice big c&c cage to run and play in there new home.
  5. Chives And Chili
    Chives And Chili
    Super cute baby brothers born on June 25th. They are a bonded pair and need a large C&C cage to grow into!
  6. Ginger And Sorrel
    Ginger And Sorrel
    Baby sisters born on June 25th in the rescue! Ginger is as sweet as can be and her sister is spunky and playful.