rabbit rescue


  • Applications are required for all adoptable animals.  The application will be reviewed within 24-48 hrs. Once you have been approved we will arrange a meet and greet.
  • We do not adopt out our rescue's as a classroom pet.  They must be cared for as part of the family.
  • Rabbits will not be adopted out as a child's pet.  They must be cared for by an adult and any children in the home must be supervised while handling/playing with the rabbit. We do not adopt rabbits to households with children under 8 yrs of age. Please read this article  https://rabbit.org/faq-children-and-rabbits/ on why we have this policy.  Our Griffin bunny suffered a compression spinal fracture after he was dropped in his home.  His story can be found here.
  • We do not adopt out rabbits for Easter.  ALL adoptions on rabbits are on hold until after Easter.
  • You must house your new adopted animal indoors in a properly sized enclosure.  Larger is better and we recommend C&C cages or midwest cages for our guinea pigs.  Instructions can be found at www.guineapigcages.com  We would like to view a picture of your cage prior to finalizing the adoption. Midwest guinea pig cages are available online at amazon.ca
  • Aquariums are NOT a suitable enclosure for guinea pigs or rabbits.  They do not have enough ventilation for rabbits and guinea pigs.  
  • We also encourage free roaming time for rabbits.  Rabbits should not be housed inside a cage for their entire lives. They need at least 4 hours of playtime daily. They are social animals who can be litter trained.  Most are already litter trained prior to adoption.
  • If using a cage for rabbits, it must have a solid bottom with soft bedding or blankets to prevent sore hocks. The minimum size must be 24 inches by 48 inches for dwarf/ small breeds or an X pen or dog crate for larger rabbits.  We highly recommend an X pen or C&C enclosure for all rabbits. Pet store cages are too small for rabbits.
  • You must use paper bedding (Carefresh) Aspen or blankets for cages.  Pine and cedar bedding are toxic to small animals and must not be used as bedding and or litter. We recommend Yesterdays news for rabbit litter. Or wood stove pellets available at most hardware stores.  Clay based cat litters must not be used.
  • All of our rabbits will be spayed/neutered and vet checked before adoption is finalized.  Any medical issues will be noted prior to adoption. 
  • You must provide the proper diet for your adopted animal(s).
  • We use and recommend Martin Mills brand of pellets or Oxbow pellets.  Muesli type pellets must not be used as they cause many health issues. 
  • If at anytime you are not able to provide the proper care and quality of life for your new family member then you must return the animal(s) to Tiny Paws Small Animal Rescue.  

  • *Your adoption fee will not be refunded.