Rabbits require a specialized diet of hay, pellets, greens and fresh water.

Timothy hay for adults should make up 80% of their diet followed by a high quality pellet like Martin Mills Little Friends and then fresh greens daily.

Remember that carrots and fruit should be limited and only given as treats. 

Young bunnies under 8 months of age need alfalfa based pellets and hay to help them grow.  Once they reach 9 months switch to a timothy based hay and pellet.

Pellets should not contain any cereal treats or seeds as these are not safe for rabbits to digest.

Any treats that contain dairy, honey and seeds are not safe and can cause intestinal upset.  They should not be fed to your rabbit.
     Please hop on over and visit our friend The Rabbit Lady ~ Kaylie Ngo.  She is very knowledgeable and can help with behaviour, bonding and offers nail trims in the London ON area.

Rabbits tend to hide their illnesses, it is important to be aware of the symptoms that they are not well.  If in doubt ALWAYS see a rabbit savvy veterinarian.

Many vets are not trained in rabbit health, it is important to have a vet on hand before you have an emergency.
We use and recommend Parkway Small Animal and Exotic Hospital in Clinton TWP Michigan.